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Our Policy



Please carefully read through all of our terms, policies, and procedures. By signing your profile form you hereby agree to all of Pack Mentality, LLC’s terms and conditions.

Our Policies:



Late Pickups- Dogs will be automatically overnighted if owners are unable to pickup before 8pm (closing) without notifying an employee. Owners will be charged for overnight services. Owners that notify an employee of late pickup will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Cancellations and No Shows- Appointments must  be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours and no shows may be charged a $15 cancellation fee. This will be dealt with one case- by -case basis.

 Dismissal- Any dog that poses a threat to employees or other dogs may be dismissed from the daycare at the discretion of the owner or any employee. Owners will receive a dismissal form upon pickup stating the reason(s) and incident(s) that resulted in dismissal. Safety of our employees and dogs is our number one priority. Dogs that have passed trials are very unlikely to be dismissed.

Trials- Trials are required before any dog may attend daycare/boarding.

§Half Days- Half days run for a maximum of 5 hours during any part of the day. Any dog booked for a half  day that runs over this time by 30 minutes or more may be charged for a full day.

Closing & Opening- Pack Mentality opens to the public at 7am and closes at 8pm everyday. Owners will be unable to pickup dogs after closing or drop off dogs before opening. Exceptions will be made for special occasions such as: inclement weather, early/late flights, emergencies, etc.. A staff member is always present at the daycare, even after closing hours. Dogs do not get left alone at any point during daycare and overnight services.

Boarding Invoices- Invoices for boarding will be sent out after your dog has checked out. You will have 7 days from receiving the invoice to pay the balance.  A 10% late fee of your total invoice may be issued if your invoice remains unpaid for more than sixty days of the date received. If the invoice remains unpaid, a 5% interest charge will be issued every 7 days from the date the 10% late fee was issued.


Fights- Pack Mentality, LLC’s employees  closely monitors dogs during the trial period to ensure a potentially  aggressive dog is not accepted into the daycare. However, while this process makes the chance of a fight highly unlikely, there is always a chance of an altercation between dogs in an open daycare setting. All staff is trained in canine behavior and body language  to spot and  intercept a potential fight before it happens. If your dog becomes injured in a fight during his/her stay, Pack Mentality, LLC accepts full responsibility for any and all vet bills accrued from the result of a fight.       

Self Induced Injury -Pack Mentality, LLC is not responsible for any self induced  injuries that may occur during your dog’s stay. Pack Mentality, LLC takes the safety of its members very seriously. However, dogs being in an active setting are always at  risk for self inducing injuries. Injuries may include: slips, abrasions/cuts caused as a result of group play, sprains, fractures, ect..  Owners will be responsible for any charges accrued for an accidental injury resulting in  a visit(s) to  the veterinarian.

Veterinarian-  Pack Mentality, LLC works with Hodes Veterinary Group for injuries, illnesses, and disease prevention. Any dog injured/ill requiring a veterinarian visit will be brought to Hodes Veterinary Group for treatment if the owner is unavailable for pickup. Owners will be immediately notified of their dog’s injuries. It is under the discretion of staff whether or not the dog needs medical attention if the owner is not available for pickup.

Illness- Pack Mentality, LLC is not responsible for veterinarian visit(s) or treatment of any communicable disease. 

Illness/Communicable Disease:

Vaccines- Every dog attending daycare and/or overnight is required to be current on the following vaccinations: Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper/Parvo.


Communicable Disease-  Pack Mentality, LLC is not responsible for financially covering any dog that may contract a communicable disease or parasite from daycare and/or boarding. Dogs exhibiting symptoms of either of these diseases will be isolated for the remainder of their stay. Dogs will not be allowed back until symptoms have subsided.

Spaying & Neutering- All dogs over the age of 6 months will be required to be spayed/neutered unless discussed and determined by the owner on a case by case basis.

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